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Ioan Andrei Horciu

Business Owner & SEO Manager
7 Years
+40 (76) 88 424 88

Proven SEO Specialist & Local SEO Expert

I am the founder and owner of two fast-growing companies/ brands which provide excellent SEO, online advertising, and affiliate marketing consulting services, focusing on various types of organizations. I hold over 35 certifications for the most relevant Ads providers in the online advertising space (Google, Youtube, Bing), for local SEO, and this is an indicator of the wide expertise I hold in this domain.

I started my professional life with several years spent in customer service teams where I had the opportunity to learn the importance of proactivity, setting correct expectations and transparent communication. This is how I developed the obsession for offering top quality service to my clients.
In the recent past, I have been involved also in drop shipping (Shopify) and PPC/ listings (Amazon) where I managed to train my entrepreneurial instincts.

I lead a team of qualified experts, and we bring commitment, perseverance, and continuous improvement in everything we do. We never settle for just standard performance, and we take every challenge or failure as a learning opportunity.

If you find that we can have a common interest, or foresee business opportunities, or simply want to have a chat, I invite you to check my contact details and drop me a message.

Skills & Endorsements

Local SEO Specialist
Chatbot Expert
Online Advertising
Digital Marketing


  • 📈 SEO Specialist | Digital Marketer
  • 🚀 Facebook Ads & Google Ads
  • 📨 Chatbot Expert
  • 📬 Local SEO
  • ✅ AdWords Certified
  • 🛒 eCommerce 

SEO Licenses & Certifications

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